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Monge has had a very distinguished acting career, she's acted in more than ten Spanish soap operas, as well as various theatre plays and TV shows. Among the telenovelas, she acted in: Vida (Life), (where she performed with Johanna Rosaly), La Mentira (The Lie), Poquita Cosa (Small Thing), Escándalo (Scandal) (where she acted alongside Andrés García, Iris Chacón and Charytín), and Ave de Paso (Bird of Passage), where she played the main role, and sang the theme song: "Nunca Te Diré Adiós", composed for her by Lou Briel. This song was a big hit in 1989, and it was included in a Special Edition Album: Yolandita Monge Live from New York. She also acted in the original version of the Colombian mega-hit soap opera, La Viuda de Blanco along with Osvaldo Ríos, Maria Helena Doehring, Jorge Enrique Abello and Danilo Santos. From 1996–1997, this soap opera was translated in more than 32 languages. Her theatrical debut was in La Visita de la Bestia, which is a Spanish version of Extremities, and she got good reviews from the press by playing the very dramatic main role. She also earned international recognition playing the Greek-soprano, Maria Callas, in the Spanish version of the Tony Award winner play Master Class (Clase Maestra) in 2003, for the Latin community in the United States and Latin America. Yolandita made all the critics bow when they saw her rendition of the late-diva. A year later she landed the lead female role in the musical La Verdadera Historia de Pedro Navaja (The True Story of Pedro Navaja), opposite Gilberto Santa Rosa. For her performance as Diana la Maromera (Diana the Juggler), in this musical, she got good reviews. In 1999, Monge headlined the TV movie Ocho años de Dolor (Eight Years of Pain), where she played a woman kidnnaped by the famous Puerto Rican serial killer and fugitive of the law Toño Bicicleta. Yolandita's most recent acting role was in the Puerto Rican movie Mujeres sin Hombres (Women without Men), in 2006. She joined Sully Diaz and Claribel Medina in this story about 3 women and the revenge of men. After that in 2010, Yolandita starred in the first episode of the Telemundo TV Series called Extremos. In it she played the roles of twin sister. The reviews of Yolandita's acting role were good in this dramatic role. The critics indicated that ". . . When it comes to acting, Yolandita can be intense and excellent as she is as a singer. . . ". Most recently, in 2017 she joined the cast of Malas and in 2018 she performed alongside other actresses in The Vagina Monologues.

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The singer remains active throughout the year performing in concerts and festivals in Puerto Rico and other Latin American countries.

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