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With a tradition of responding to urgent public health issues, the faculty and alumni of NYU School of Medicine have contributed to the control of tuberculosis, diphtheria, yellow fever, and venereal disease; the development of vaccines for hepatitis B, polio, and cancer; advances in the treatment and prevention of stroke and heart disease; the introduction of minimally invasive surgical techniques; and others. In the early 1980s, clinicians and researchers at NYU School of Medicine, including dermatologists, infectious disease specialists, immunologists, oncologists, and epidemiologists, were among the first to identify an alarming increase in Kaposi's sarcoma, opportunistic infections, and immune system failure among young gay men, and alert health authorities to an imminent health catastrophe, soon to be known as HIV/AIDS. NYU School of Medicine ranks 4th in the nation in the percentage of alumni who go on to become full-time faculty in U. S. medical schools, and 80 percent of its medical students participate in research.

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